+ Where is the Ferreira Baseball Academy located?

We are located in the city of Higuey, in the Dominican Republic. Higuey is located 30 minutes away from Punta Cana which is a top tourist destination and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

+ Is Higuey safe?

As a top tourist destination, the city of Higuey is closely guarded by authorities which makes it extremely safe.

+ What is the nearest airport to the Ferreira Baseball Academy?

Punta Cana airport (airport code: PJU).

+ How far is the Ferreira Baseball Academy from Santo Domingo?

Santo Domingo which is the capital is 1 hour away.

+ How far is the Ferreira Baseball Academy from the nearest beach?

The nearest beaches are located 15 minutes.

+ How much does it cost to attend the Ferreira Baseball Academy?

Pricing is based on duration (i.e. # of days). Please contact us for a price quote & explanation of services offered.

+ How many players from Ferreira Baseball Academy have signed professionally?

38 players have signed professionally with MLB teams including big league infielder Adeiny Hechavarria & LHP Dario Alvarez. The rest are currently in the minor leagues working their way up to the big leagues.

+ What do you need to register in The Ferreira Baseball Academy?

Use the contact form on the webiste and we will respond with a registration form for you to complete.

+ What are the operating hours of Ferreira Baseball Academy?

We are open 12 months in the year.

+ Do scouts visit your baseball field often to recruit players?

Every week at least one MLB scout stops by our field to check out our players. When we compete against other teams or have showcases more than one MLB scout show up.

+ What are the requirements to sign professionally in the Dominican Republic?

Compared to other countries, the Dominican Republic has become the preferred hub for MLB teams interested in signing young players. All of the MLB teams have facilities in the Dominican Republic and actively recruit players throughout the year. Unlike the US, there is no draft system in the Dominican Republic. Instead, kids can be signed at anytime after they turn 16.5 years of age. To sign, players are expected to demonstrate certain abilities and it varies by position. For example, for a pitcher, scouts will evaluate the velocity of their fastball (approximately 89 - 90 at least), control and the ability to effectively manage a breaking pitch (i.e. curve ball, change up, etc.). For position players, they evaluate their bat speed, speed running the bases, arm strength, etc. If the players meet these requirements there is a good chance that they can sign professionally and get a signing bonus.

+ What differentiates your academy from the rest?

Our staff, baseball training plan which focuses on teaching the game of baseball correctly and developing the five tools. Also, our focus on education. Every player that attends the Ferreira Baseball Academy long term is required to attend school.


Yes, relatives are encouraged to visit our facilities and stay for the cultural experience and to support their kids in the games. Depending on availability, we can accommodate relatives in our furnished home or assist with finding local hotels.


Although the focus is on player development, we will schedule games and participate in tournaments where they can showcase and apply their learnings.


We can send parents an electronic invoice through PayPal where they can pay by using a credit or debit card. For long term stays, paymnets are made one month in advanced. For example, for the month of May, the payment due date for the month of may would be May 1st and so forth the rest of the months.


Players are under adult supervision while on the baseball field & in the house.


We recommend you call your insurance company and let them know what country you are going to and if they cover the medical part of your trip. Many times you have to pay the medical bills, get them translated and then give them to your insurance company when you return. Also, many companies have a high deductible when you are in a foreign country. We highly recommend Travel Insurance so you can have peace of mind.