Who we are

Located minutes from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Ferreira Baseball Academy is the premier source for baseball training and player development in the Dominican Republic. Since our inception in 2009, we've helped more than 130 kids sign professionally with Major League Baseball (MLB) teams and colleges in the United States.

We operate 12 months in the year and have awesome facilities including a natural grass major league size baseball field, fully equipped weight room and housing for players interested in staying long term. Players of all ages, nationalities and skill level train on average 6-8 hours daily & play 2-3 games per week against elite Dominican players and teams.

Baseball is a global sport and if you are not receiving the amount & quality training than your competition then you are at a disadvantage but this is where we can help and do so affordably.

About our program

From coaches with MLB playing experience & demonstrated ability training kids of all ages and skill level, Ferreira Baseball Academy is the premier program for dedicated baseball players who want to play at the next level. With a proven position-specific training program paired with our performance disciplines that help athletes become stronger, faster, healthier and more confident, we prepare players to sign professionally & at all collegiate levels fully ready to contribute immediately.

What Differentiates us?

Our differentiation in the Dominican Republic is our proven track record working with Dominican and international players. There are plenty of quality coaches & baseball programs in the Dominican Republic but few if any have the experience working with kids of all nationalities and cultures, demonstrated track record developing and signing kids professionally and with US colleges and a source that you can rely on.

Video Testimonials

Video Training Examples

Visit our “Training Videos” page for more examples and our YouTube Channel for the full list of videos.


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